Our Work

Retained Search


 Build the team YOU want 

 Our executive search service targets key individuals in accordance with our client’s specific requirements. These individuals are typically sourced by our proactive search, networking and referral techniques. This approach gives our clients unparalleled market knowledge and the information we provide can often forms the basis of strategic business decisions. 

We reduce the risk and timescale associated with hiring personnel by maintaining a picture of the market in real time. Specialising in this way means that we are more likely to be in touch with the successful applicant on either an active or a passive basis. 

Strategic Sales Recruitment


Deliver on Salesforce Strategy

 The Salesforce is the lifeblood of any business, ensuring the growth of your market share and maintaining the revenue from your products or services. Employing experienced sales staff is therefore vital if you want to achieve significant growth in sales. 

If you need to bring in specialist salespeople, it can be difficult to judge when to do this and how to recruit the right people for your business. If you already have a sales team, it's important to know how to select additional employees with a good fit and who will set new standards for new territories or market segments. Just let us know what your strategies involve, and let us do the rest.  

 "We know you are very busy during the week, and this is why we offer our assistance six days a week, call us on a Saturday if that works for you. "