Retained Search

Retained search is where we work with 100% focus on your project as your own team members - following receipt of an initial down payment , with the remainder of the fee due when your Star candidate returns your signed employment contract.

The Benefits to YOU - of our Retained Search service

  • Investing in your search with a retainer fee puts your project at the very top of our list of priorities - our highest level of resource is instantly directed fully at your hiring objectives which means you get to your objective sooner and with better results
  • Less time and work for you ! - rather than juggling multiple recruitment suppliers you only have one - that means you have more time to do your actual job.
  • Reduced risk - what if your multiple recruitment suppliers send you the same candidate? you dont need these hassles or worries - not when Inspiria Search can get you a better result in less time with no risk at all
  • Spread payments over the duration of the project - no need to pay all in one lump payment, your CFO will love this measured and staged Investment
  • The best business is a relationship - if you can help us cover some of our project costs and commit to working with us then we will return your faith many times over with absolute dedication to your achievement

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